“Hi, I’m Dr. Uzel I’ve been with Southern Cancer Center since it’s inception in 2007.

We work hard when we are at work so our off time is cherished, so Saturdays are days we look forward to. I live out in the country, I have a place and a little property and enjoy getting out on the property. There’s always things to tend to on the home front. So you work hard on those and get those done and then play. I love the outdoors. It’s especially fun if I can get some biking in or maybe kayaking or hiking or something like that.

I have a sweet wonderful family, so family time is always in there too. We try to do dinner once a week. I love to cook and I’ve discovered that if you cook, they will come. I like to cook Mediterranean style. I think it’s healthy. It’s fun. It’s flavorful.

I like to travel locally. Alabama has some wonderful places to go and see. I recently discovered hiking in the Sipsey wilderness in the northwest part of Alabama. But I also like travel all over, traveling overseas, traveling in the country. It’s just fun.

I am very proud that that I can have conversations with patients today that are radically different than the conversations I had with people in my training. We have new treatments that change what happens to people now compared to even 10 years ago, 15 years ago. So we have people walking around healthy and living well because of new treatments, and they wouldn’t have been doing that 10 years ago, 15 years ago.

What I love about Southern Cancer Center is that there are people behind the scenes working every day to make things better. To meet their every need to make sure they understand their illness. We try very hard to accomplish all of that. I don’t think you’ll find people trying harder.”

Medical Oncology & Hematology

Medical School: University of Arkansas
Internship: Internal Medicine, University of South Alabama Hospital
Residency: Internal Medicine, University of South Alabama Hospital
Fellowship: Hematology/Oncology, University of South Alabama Hospital
Board Certification: Medical Oncology
Board Certification: Hematology

Sees patients:
Mobile Infirmary location
Springhill Medical Center location

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